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Imagine that you're going out with your friends and you're trying to figure out which restaurants to hit up. If only you had the menu right in front of you of all the restaurants you wanted to go to in one place!

The purpose of this wikia will be to catalog as many restaurants as possible with emphasis on a listing of every menu of every restaurant along with additional useful user information. It's also encouraged to put videos of the restaurant to better help users get a feel for the restaurant. There is an example of an embedded video on the right.

If you know of a restaurant that isn't on this wikia, then please, if you will, add a page! And if not, just look around for a restaurant near you that you might want to go to sooner or later.

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You can access articles by following the links below. Explore which restaurants are close to you. Once we start getting more cities, we'll start sorting by states. If the country you are adding restaurants for has too many cities, then feel free to organize them by their respective provinces.

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